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Kiran parry
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I am going to explain some of the trick of winning comps, contests and any other thing such as the raffle.

1)With comps or even with anything you do to try and get something, you need to do that thing a lot. So for comps instead of doing 2 a week try with 50 or more.

2) Enter prizes with atleast three people to win something I would.

3) Enter comps or contest that are about to close

4) Enter prize draws where you can get lots of entries in before the deadline by entering every day. You have lots of chances in your name being picked.

5) Enter for small as well as big prizes.

6) Enter what you or someone in your family can make use of.

7) And because you are film fans enter film related stuff.

8. Enter sweepstakes on facebook, enter chat, pick me up, what on tv, woman,womanweekly,womansown,look,this is competitions,handbag comps, now mag where you can get lots of prize entries.

9) Do skill based comps and raffle copter spending more time on a comp usually ends up in a good result with a win because less people do those.

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